Admiral Staging Strong Girl

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Admiral Staging Strong Girl



Because of the great success of the Strong Boy transporter for straight trusses,  we decided to grow our family and enable transportation of circular trusses as well. This is where the “Strong Girl” comes in.

Our Strong Girl is designed for transporting circular trusses with a square cross section. It will fit circular trusses with an outer diameter from 2,5 m up to 10 m and more. Depending on the diameter of your truss, rubber studs are mounted onto the frame for optimal positioning of your circular truss. The frame is made of 3 mm zinc plated steel and is equipped with cuttings for attaching the hooks of your straps. The length of the frame will enable you to use a forklift to hoist the load into a truck. When stacking your trusses, depending on the diameter of your truss, the Admiral truss carrier or special designed stacking devices can be ordered.




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Strong Girl truss 30 with 4x 125mm castor with brake, Strong Girl for truss 40 incl. 4x 125mm castor with brake