Concertina Seating / Staging System – Customised to Your Venue

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Audience Seating / Tiered Stage



Power Stage panels, combined with the Power Stage Concertina Base customised for your venue, enables fast and easy setup and pack down of seating or staging systems.


Our team will conduct an onsite analysis and discuss with you the optimum package of equipment for your venue.



Download information here on the Audience Seating System


Time Lapse Video of the 166 seat system at Baycourt Theatre, Taurnaga.



Watch the setup video here of the Concertina Version and see how easy it goes together

Basic Principals Setup Here



Frequently Asked Questions


Q How long does it take to put up?
A A crew of three can erect a 100 seat, 8 tier seating bank in under two hours, inclusive of chairs, rails, aisle steps and so on.


Q Once erected can the system be moved without dismantling?
A Yes- simply remove the front row, lower the system onto its wheels, wheel into position, reset the jacks and reset the front row.


Q Are the individual components easy to store?
A Power Stage manufactures a range of storage trolleys suitable for all components which makes it easy to transport, store and find the part you need.



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