EM Acoustics DQ6 Processor Amplifier

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Showtechnix is Proudly the exclusive distributor of the EM Acoustics Audio Systems in New Zealand…


Introducing EM Acoustics DQ6 Processor Amplifier


The DQ6 is a lightweight four-channel Class D switchmode power amplifier designed to give the best performance from any loudspeaker within the EM Acoustics product range, with advanced DSP and networking capabilities.

Dante version also available.

The DQ Series of advanced system amplifiers offer a unique combination of high power and audio performance, seamlessly combined with advanced DSP and network control. The DQ Series offers three models, physically identical four-in-four-out amplifiers but with varying total output power configurations of 6,000 watts (DQ6), 10,000 watts (DQ10) and 20,000 watts (DQ20) to suit specific loudspeaker models and audio applications. The DQ Series models offer extremely high power density in a convenient and flexible format for both mobile applications and installations alike.

DQ Series advanced system amplifiers represent the most convenient solution for powering EM Acoustics loudspeakers. Each amplifier comes loaded with preset files for all EM Acoustics loudspeaker products, as well as a dedicated “linear” preset with no processor settings applied – but also blank memory slots for users to create their own setting files. Aside from the non-adjustable factory settings for each EM Acoustics product (such as high/low pass filters and limiters), users have access to a variety of processing functions including gain, delay and EQ (parametric and shelf) for system or venue optimisation.

Power delivery is an area where the DQ Series amplifiers are unmatched. A state-of-the-art switchmode power supply with power factor correction ensures that a DQ Series amplifier can deliver all that is required, even under demanding load conditions and across a wide range of mains supply voltages. Each channel of a DQ Series amplifier can be configured to deliver its maximum power into either 2 or 4 Ohm nominal loads via the Podware software platform, therefore offering designers and integrators unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness. The use of state-of-the-art components and a finely optimised design results in generous power reserves, thus ensuring that pristine sound quality is maintained even under the most extreme conditions, anywhere in the world.

DQ Series amplifiers have both analog inputs (4) and AES3 digital inputs (2) as standard, and can be supplied with an optional Dante networked audio input card if required (model numbers DQ6D, DQ10D and DQ20D). Maximum flexibility was the thought process with regards the input infrastructure – the four-in-four-out configuration allows the DQ Series models to be highly flexible whether deployed powering front of house systems, monitor mixes, or fill loudspeakers.

The front panel provides an intuitive set of controls and indicators to enable simple and straightforward operation of all functions without the need for the remote software. A set of five LED indicators show signal level from -12dB to 12dB as well as clip, for each of the four DSP inputs. Six illuminated push buttons and two velocity-sensitive rotary encoders provide the user interface for all the input and output functions, as well as the utility features, in conjunction with the clear back-lit graphical display. A further set of LED indicators show output level and limiter status, and individual backlit channel mute buttons are also provided. A final set of four LED indicators give further status information for the amplifier including AES3 or Dante network audio input (if selected), device control network online status, and also the presence of a system EQ overlay if activated via the Podware remote control software platform.

DQ Series amplifiers are built around a 2U all-metal chassis to ensure a lifetime of reliable performance. Low-noise variable speed fans are fitted (cooling is from front to rear), along with a reticulated foam dust filter which can easily be removed for cleaning. The rear panel houses the Neutrik XLR analog input and link connectors, AES3 input and link connectors, RJ45 communications port, and output connectors on Neutrik speakON NL4. Mains power is connected via a 32A Neutrik powerCON locking type connector. If fitted, the Dante primary and secondary RJ45 ports are also located on the rear panel of the amplifier, along with a Phoenix connector for contact-closure input and relay output connections.

The DQ Series represents a huge leap forwards in amplifier technology, and offers users significant ease of use, improved reliability and better return on investment compared to traditional amplifier/processor combinations.


General Specifications
Audio inputs 4 x Analogue, 2 x AES3 and 4 x Dante (factory fitted option)
Digital system processing High performance DSP on all inputs and outputs
Control, monitoring and system status alarms Ethernet network, volt-free relay and contact closure port
Power save modes Standby after user defined time with fast wake up on audio, Deep ECO sleep after user defined time with wake up on command
System standby and wakeup Front panel switch, network command and audio detection
Total output power 6,000 watts RMS
Output power (sine @ 1kHz) 750W/channel @ 8 ohms, crest factor of 2 (6dB)
1500W/channel @ 4 ohms*, crest factor of 2.8 (9dB)
1500W/channel @ 2 ohms, crest factor of 4 (12dB)
3000W @ 4 ohms (bridged)
*Maximum power available – to acheive this the amplifier must be configured via software to deliver maximum power into 4 ohms
Amplifier topology High performance Class D
Dynamic range, measured relative to amplifier input Analogue input, better than 113dBA typical
AES / Dante input, better than 114dBA typical
Gain 32dB
Frequency response <7Hz to >30kHz, 4 Ohms, -2.5dB points
THD (1dB below max output) <0.05% typical, 1kHz signal, AES17 filter, 4 Ohm load
Inter-channel crosstalk Better than -85dBr at 1kHz and -75dBr at 10kHz
AES3 input (two audio channels) Transformer isolated with unique active cable equalisation for extended range
AES3 link (two audio channels) Active AES3 signal regeneration. Automatic direct bypass to the AES3 input ensuring the audio signal will still flow even when the amplifier is powered down
AES3 supported sampling rates 24kHz to 192kHz (auto locking)
Digital Signal Processing
Resolution 40 bit, Linea Research proprietary algorithms
Sample rate 96kHz throughout
Drive module input processing Input signal routing, delay, gain, HPF, Phase, Mute
EQ: 2 x low shelf, 6 x PEQ / band pass and FIR shelving filters
Drive module output processing Source, delay, gain, Phase, Mute, crossover filters, VX limiters
EQ: low shelf, 8 x PEQ / band pass and shelving filters
Mains input voltage range 85V to 240V, Power supply automatically detects voltage and configures accordingly
Mains frequency range 47Hz to 63Hz
Mains inrush current (max for <10ms) 6A at 115V, 12A at 230V
Power Consumption @ 4 ohm load 7.0A nominal (240V), 14.0A nominal (120V)
Analogue in and link 4 x female and 4 x male Neutrik XLR
AES3 dual channel in and link 1 x female and 1 x male Neutrik XLR
Amplifiers output 4 x Neutrik speakON NL4 connectors
Mains input connector Neutrik 32A powerCON
Dante primary and secondary 2 x shielded RJ45
Relay output and contact closure Phoenix pluggable terminal block (supplied)
Dimensions Standard 19” 2U (88mm), 357mm (14”) deep with handles and optional rear support
Net weight 12.5kg (27.5 lbs)

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Weight 12.5 kg