EM Acoustics HALO-A Large Format Line Array Element

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EM Acoustics HALO-A Large format line array element


HALO Arena is designed to produce the same staggering results as HALO Compact, but in a package more suited to larger events. The same core design principle of the maximum headroom possible means that HALO Arena delivers a consistent performance across all SPL levels. HALO-A has been built for touring – but is equally at home in large format fixed installations.

A single HALO-A exhibits a flat, free-field frequency response from 48Hz to 19kHz (±3dB) and a phase response which is ±20 degrees between 150Hz and 18kHz. Due to the unique loading technique applied to the low frequency drivers, combined with the high frequency waveguide, the dispersion pattern control is maintained down to 250Hz.



  • Signature EM Acoustics ‘maximum headroom’ design approach ensures consistency of performance regardless of SPL
  • Extremely consistent horizontal dispersion pattern across the operating frequency band
  • Enclosure coated with 3-step polyurethane process ensures weather-resistance and resilience to impact damage
  • Powder-coated corrosion-resistant steel grille
  • Intelligent internal bracing combined with unique low-loss porting structure
  • Black, white and RAL custom colour finish


Enclosure Type 2-way reflex loaded line array element
Components LF: 2 x 3.5” (88mm) voice coil neodymium 12” (305mm)
HF: 4 x 3.4” (86mm) diaphragm, 1.4” (36mm) exit neodymium HF drive units on bespoke plane-wave manifold
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm/(ins) 362 x 1020 x 619mm (14.3” x 40.2” x 24.4”)
Net/Shipping Weight 66/70kg (145.2/154lbs)
Frequency Response 48Hz – 19kHz ± 3dB
Phase Response ± 20°, 150Hz – 18kHz
Nominal Dispersion 80° horizontal
Splay Angles 0.25°, 0.5°, 1°, 1.5°, 2°, 2.5°, 3°, 4°, 5°, 6°, 7°, 8°
Maximum SPL 143dB continuous, 149dB peak
Power Handling LF: 1400W RMS, 2800W program
HF: 400W RMS, 800W program
Nominal Impedance LF: 8 ohms
HF: 16 ohms
Crossover Asymmetric internal passive
Connectors 2 x Neutrik speakON NLT4MP
Enclosure 15 & 30mm (⅝” and 1 3/16”) multi-laminate Birch plywood – rebated, screwed and glued together. Finished in polyurethane textured finish
Rigging Hardware 3-point system, ultra-high tensile steel. Enclosure hardware rated to 24 elements at 10:1 safety factor
Grille Powder coated corrosion-resistant steel
Accessories FG-HALO-A master flying grid
WB-HALO-A enclosure transit chariot
TC-HALO-A quad-enclosure padded touring cover


Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 36 × 102 × 61.9 cm