Grandview Manual Pull Down Screens

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Grandview Manual Pull Down Screens


Available in 3 different Ratios






Custom Sizes Available to order, contact us for more info


Long Lasting
With four layer structure including a strong Fiberglass layer screen distortion is minimized to less than 1% stretch and ensures a long lasting and flat projection surface.

Sophisticated Images
Engraved with optical microgroove on the surface, with resolution more than 125 line pairs per mm, which ensures the sharpness of the projected images

Color Accuracy
The reflected light is evenly distributed with less than 60K difference between incident angle and reflection angle

Wide Color Range
Ambertec Projection Screens offer a unity gain which enables the display of high contrast images while maintaining the color accuracy and color range and provides a more vivid image experience for the viewer.



Contact us for more information

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Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 84" (4:3) Image size 1710 x 1280mm, casing 1865mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 100" (4:3) Image size 2030 x 1520mm, casing 2160mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 120" (4:3) Image size 2340 x 1755mm, casing 2430mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 82" (16:9) Image size 1830 x 1030mm, casing 1990mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 92" (16:9) Image size 2030 x 1145mm, casing 2205mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 102" (16:9) Image size 2260 x 1270mm, casing 2435mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 94" (16:10) Image size 2030 x 1270mm, casing 2205mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 103" (16:10) Image size 2210 x 13805mm, casing 2395mm, Grandview Deluxe Pull Down – 120" (16:10) Image size 2585 x 1615mm, casing 2760mm, Custom Pull Down