LK Gigabit Connector LKG 24/2E6 FV

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LK Gigabit Connector LKG 24/2E6 FV


The new LK Gigabit series is equipped with a CAT6 circular contact specically designed for Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Tests made with the Fluke Cable IQ Qualication Tester on LKG connectors with 90 mts eurocable extension and fan in/fan out terminations, have qualied the connection as CAT6 1000BASE-T following the EIA/TIA 568B.2 and ISO/IEC 11801.


Thanks to the continuous direct line with its customers and the great exibility in autonomously manufacturing cables and connectors,
custom boxes and panels, which have long distinguished Link as a unique player in the sector, the company’s challenge in recent years
has been the creation of solutions for the distribution of different types of signals to satisfy those specific needs which new equipment or
customer applications require.


With regards to Ethernet connections, six particular connectors and cables have been developed to satisfy the needs of new equipment
requiring the connection of an increasing number of ddifferent types of channels in one sole connector mating.


The standard version features easy-grip long metal locking ring with internal roller coupling studs.


A full range of options to satisfy the most demanding requirements.


For any different configuration requirement do not hesitate to contact us for a custom solution.





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