Optoma ZF2300 Glasses

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Optoma ZF2300 Glasses



Developed in parallel with Optoma’s “Full 3D” video projectors, the ZF2300 system is optimized to provide higher contrast and brighter images than ever before. Using RF (radio frequency) technology, the ZF2300 system is easy to install in the same room as the projector and eliminates line of site issues commonly found on with IR based 3D glasses systems.




  • Clear, bright 3D images with high contrast
  • Easy to use – always in sync, with no line-of-sight required
  • Stylish, lightweight, foldable design – only 1.38 oz
  • One Size for all – fits over prescription glasses



* The ZF2300GLASSES are only compatible with the RF 3D emitter – BC300. It is not compatible with previous generation RF Emitters. As with all 3D displays, a 3D source (3D Blu-ray player or 3D gaming console), 3D content, 3D glasses and 3D emitter are required for 3D entertainment.

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Weight 0.039 kg
Dimensions 17 × 16.8 × 4 cm