PCE Rubber Enclosure Empty Rubber Box for Power Distribution 9440996

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PCE Rubber Enclosure Empty Rubber Box for Power Distribution 9440996


Make your own Distro Boxes!


Solid rubber distributor housings are made from a mixture of natural rubber, styrene and butadiene (NK/SBR).
The raw material is processed – in slab form – at pressure of up to 400 t and at a temperature of 18 degree C.

This triggers a vulcanization process which lends the distributor its final form without affecting its consistency.

Dimensions: 360 x 115 x 72 mm H x W x D

Our empty rubber enclosures are ideal for building your own power distribution boxes, see similar made up options available on our site. Now available in 3 different sizes, standard, brick series and the largest version, brick series Maxi. The brick series has a greater height allowing the connection of an appliance inlet, this is not possible on the on the standard box. The brick series Maxi is simply longer and wider than the standard, this will offer additional options when building your prefect portable distro box.
Unbreakable, halogen-free and aging-resistant solid rubber housing
Resistant to a diversity of oils, greases, gasoline and acids
High mechanical strength, aging and corrosion resistant
UV and ozone resistant
Insensitive to fountains of welding sparks and similar
Temperature resistant -30 degree C to + 80 degree C
Not flammable according to EN 60695-11-5
Type Of Protection:
Emply housings to IP54 in line with the lowest type of protection on the extension sockets

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 73 cm