Philips MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit

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Philips MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit



The Philips MSR Gold 700w /2 MiniFastFit with order code 928199905114, GE CSR700/2/TAL/60/PGJX28 with code 78718 and Osram Lok-it! HTI 700W/75/P28 with 4008321510549 or 54221 is a 700w lamp with PGJX28 base. The 700 watt rated MiniFastfit, TAL, Lok-it!, single ended bulb has an average life of between 750 and 1000 hours with a colour temperature of 6000k, 7200k or 7500k depending on the brand. This compact 700w discharge lamp is ideal for fixtures especially moving head lighting units in the Stage and Studio market.



Perfect for :


  • ACME XP-700 SZ, ACME XP-700A Beam, Xperior
  • Chauvet Legend 700E Beam and Spot
  • Clay Paky Alpha, Profile, Beam, Wash 700, HPE 700, ALPHA WASH 700 Grand
  • Coemar Infinity ACL SM, Infinity Spot M, Infinity Wash M
  • DTS XR750 Wash
  • Fine Art 700E Beam, Performance, Spot, Wash
  • Hongcai FL-700Spot PF
  • Isolution XP 700SZ MN
  • Jolly FL-700 Beam PF, Spot PF, MH-700 Beam, Spot
  • PROEL Arrow Compact 700 Beam, Spot
  • SGM G700 Beam, Spot, Wash, Synthesis 700 Spot, Wash