Prolyte EasyFrame B – Legs

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Prolyte EasyFrame B – Legs


System Description:
EasyFrame B is a support frame suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The frame racks are available in several heights and lengths. The frames connect to the legs with a standard 4-way connection by means of a locking pin. Due to the closed topside, assembly is possible with only one technician. After positioning, the frames are stable and freestanding, and will not topple over. Spindle feet, placed in the bottom of the frames, make it possible to level the stage at an exact position and to vary the height of your stage floor.



  • Can absorb horizontal forces resulting from eventual wind forces on the roof 
  • Interfaces for all Prolyte roof systems available
  • Fit for various brands of staging by using special adapters to secure your decks
  • The maximum allowable load of 750 kg/m² and 10% horizontal load are guaranteed
  • Standard stage elements provide your stage floor
  • Fast assembly, no tools and a minimum amount of loose parts