Radial 4-Play – Multi-Output DI Box

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Radial 4-Play – Multi-Output DI Box


The 4-Play is an active direct box designed to allow multi-instrumentalists to quickly switch between four instruments while providing each one with a dedicated balanced DI output for the PA system. Simply connect an instrument using a standard 1⁄4” cable, and then toggle between the desired outputs using the selector footswitch. This advances through the outputs in sequence.

A series of super-bright LEDs follow to let you know which output is active. A separate mute footswitch enables the artist or guitar tech to mute the outputs during the changeover, eliminating the need to flag down the audio engineers between each song. Ground lift switches on each output are available to help eliminate hum and buzz cause by ground loops, and a tuner output allows for quick tune ups when changing over.

The 4-Play provides utility players and multi-instrumentalists with an easy to use and efficient onstage solution to a world that is constantly changing.



  • Lets you select between four balanced DI outputs
  • Compact design fits on pedalboard
  • High visibility LEDs provide status indication
  • Mute switch for changing instruments or tuning


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