Radial Bassbone V2 – Bass Preamp & Boost

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Radial Bassbone V2 – Bass Preamp & Boost


The Bassbone V2 is a bass command center that enables one to seamlessly switch between any two bass guitars including active, passive (magnetic) and upright (piezo). When the PZB booster is engaged, the PZB activates a special boost circuit for piezo transducers that at once increases the sensitivity and impedance to 10 meg-Ohms, this results in a much wider frequency response. Two channels let you set up each instrument with their own tone and signal level.

Channel-1 features two preset tones that will bring a modern vibe to older vintage amps. Channel-2 features a powerful passive-interactive EQ that lets you carve out any tone. When Input-2 is not in use the Bassbone reverts to a 2-channel preamp that lets you create two completely different tones with one bass. A built-in effects loop lets you to share pedals with both basses and this is supplemented with a variable power booster for solos and a mute switch for quiet-on-stage tuning. A built-in Radial DI box delivers the performance to the PA or recording system.



  • 2 channels for two tones or two basses
  • PZB piezo boost for upright bass
  • Powerful EQ for tone shaping
  • Built-in effects loop and DI box


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