Radial BigShot I/O – Instrument Switcher

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Radial BigShot I/O – Instrument Switcher


The Radial BigShot i/o is an easy to use instrument selector that lets you quickly switch between two instruments and send the signal to your amp. In the most basic application the BigShot i/o is 100% true-bypass for the most demanding purist. To further enhance connectivity input-2 is equipped with a set-&-forget level control called DIM that lets you reduce the signal from the louder of your two instruments so that the output from both instruments are matched. When passive instruments are used, a unique ‘bright’ switch lets you compensate for high frequency loss due to longer cables.

The BigShot i/o is equipped with a tuner output. With a simple foot stomp on the MUTE switch the sound going to the amp is turned off and diverted to the tuner for quiet on-stage adjustments. An ‘always on’ switch also permits on-the-fly quiet tuning should you wish to have the tuner on at all times.

Compact, extremely rugged and completely passive, the BigShot i/o does not require any power to make it work, ideal for pedalboards. The BigShot i/o is perfect for all your instruments and hi-Z line-level signal switching.



  • Toggle between two instruments with a footswitch
  • Separate tuner output with MUTE footswitch
  • DIM control for matching instrument levels
  • High frequency compensation for passive pickups
  • Bright LED status indicators


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