Radial Cab-Link – Passive Speaker Cabinet Merger

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Radial Cab-Link – Passive Speaker Cabinet Merger


The Cab-Link provides a simple and compact solution for players who have a single speaker output on their amplifier, but want to connect two cabinets simultaneously. Simply connect the amp output and both cabs to the Cab-Link with speaker cables and you’re ready to rock.

Two inputs are available: one for series configuration, the other for parallel. A handy guide on top of the Cab-Link allows you to choose the configuration that will match the impedance of your cabinets to your amp for optimal performance. The Cab-link also features a line out, which provides additional functionality and can be used to feed another amplifier or an effects unit.



  • Completely passive, no need for power
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Works in series or parallel configuration


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