Radial Dragster – Load Correction

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Radial Dragster – Load Correction


The Dragster is a passive load compensation device that brings back the tone and feel to your guitar when sending the signal though a buffer.

It is well documented that guitarists prefer the sound of tube amps over their solid-state counterparts. When an electric guitar is connected to a tube amp, the tube circuit along with the output transformers combine to create the tone and feel that most players feel sounds best. Solid-state circuits such as found on wireless systems, pedals and transistor amplifiers react differently. They sound harsh in comparison. The Dragster is a load correction device that connects in between the guitar and the electronic buffer. Use the handy thumb-wheel to dial-in the amount of load that sounds right and within seconds you get back the tone and feel as if playing through a tube amp.

The Dragster features 1⁄4” inputs and outputs and is built into a super light-weight aluminum enclosure with attachment flanges that let you attach it to a guitar strap for live use. It also works great for recording clean tracks into your computer workstation for digital effects or later Reamping.



  • Load correction for electric guitar pickups
  • Emulates the tone and feal of an amp
  • Easy-to-use thumb-wheel DragTM control • Completely passive – no power required!


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