Radial EXTC-SA – Guitar Effects Interface

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Radial EXTC-SA – Guitar Effects Interface


The EXTC-SA is a creative device that enables you to take a pre-recorded balanced track and process it using guitar effects pedals. This opens the door to using a fuzz pedal on a kick drum, distortion pedal on vocals or maybe an envelope generator on a snare. One simply connects the balanced line-level output from the recorder to the EXTC where send & receive level controls enable you to adjust the signal going to and from the pedals to optimize signal to noise.

Two effects loops are available in series and may be inserted together or bypassed to compare wet and dry results. This is augmented with a wet and dry control that lets you blend the original sound with the effect.



  • Two effects-loops with bypass switches
  • Variable send & receive level control
  • Wet–dry mix to optimize signal to noise
  • Transformer isolation to eliminate buzz


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