Radial EXTC-Stereo – Stereo Guitar Effects Interface & Reamper

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Radial EXTC-Stereo – Stereo Guitar Effects Interface & Reamper


The ability to incorporate guitar pedal effects with line-level pro audio gear is a popular ‘secret weapon’ of mixing engineers in studios worldwide. The EXTC-Stereo makes this possible, giving you the ability to connect stereo effects pedals such as reverbs and delays to the line-level inputs and outputs of your console or recording interface. Use it to send drum overheads to a multi-tap delay, or breathe new life into a stale keyboard patch with a flanger or chorus pedal. Try it on vocals, strings, or any source you can think of to add a new creative element to your mixes and revitalize your old pedal collection.

The EXTC-Stereo features both XLR and 1/4″ TRS connections to integrate with any audio interface, along with send and receive level controls to optimize the signal path through both modern and vintage pedal effects. A wet/dry blend knob gives you precise control over how much of the affected signal gets mixed in, with an EFX Loop on/off switch for quick auditioning. The EXTC-Stereo can be rack mounted with an optional adaptor kit, and front panel inputs and outputs for your pedals ensure you can connect in an instant when inspiration strikes.



  • Stereo effects loop with bypass switch
  • Variable Send & Receive level controls
  • Wet-dry mix to blend in effects
  • Transformer isolation to eliminate noise


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