Radial Firefly – Tube Direct Box

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Radial Firefly – Tube Direct Box


The Firefly is a 12AX7 tube direct box, designed to facilitate liver performance while delivering studio quality audio. Selectable A or B inputs with separate level controls enable the user to switch between tow basses, or acoustic guitars quickly between songs. A variable low cut (high pass filter) lets you ‘size the instrument by reducing low frequency resonance. This helps clean up the mix and reduce feedback.

Drag control load correction further enhances the functionality by allowing magnetic pickups such as found on a Fender bass to be optimized. Turning off the Drag control raises the input impedance to 4 meg-ohms to smooth out the squawk and peaks common to piezo pickups. The rear panel features stacked 1⁄4” inputs, TRS insert and a thru connector for the stage amp.

A separate tuner output works with the optional JR2 footswitch to remotely switch channels and mute the system for quiet on-stage tuning.



  • Dual input with optional remote footswitch • 12AX7 tube drive stage for warm tone
  • Transformer output to eliminate noise
  • Variable high-pass resonance filter


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