Radial Headload – Guitar Amp Load Box

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Radial Headload – Guitar Amp Load Box


The Headload is a combination load box and direct box with a built-in PhazerTM that lets you time align the direct feed with the guitar amp mic. Able to handle up to 120 watts, the Headload lets you reduce the output level on stage while you get maximum tone from your amp. A six position attenuator can also go to zero for quiet on-stage use or recording.

The JDXTM direct box output features a multi-stage filter that emulates the sound of a 4 x 12 cabinet. This is used to feed the PA system and monitors, providing a very consistent tone night after night. Combining the direct and mic’d signals delivers unmatched tone for the most demanding artist. Six cabinet simulations are offered along with low and high EQ to fine tune the tone to taste. Choice of 4, 8 and 16 Ohm models are available along with optional 19” rack mount kit.



  • 120W load box with six attenuator settings
  • Radial JDX direct box output with six cabinet tones
  • Built in Phazer to time-align the JDX out with a mic
  • Front panel tone controls to adjust tone


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