Radial HotShot 48V – Condenser Microphone Switcher

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Radial HotShot 48V – Condenser Microphone Switcher


The HotShot 48V is a condenser microphone switcher, allowing an artist to power their vocal mic and instantly reroute it between FOH and the stage monitoring system for communicating with other band members or technicians. Bright LED indicators display the active output, and the footswitch itself can be configured for latching or momentary action.

A time-delay microcontroller combined with transformer-coupled XLR connections ensures completely silent operation, with no audible pops or clicks when switching, even when amplified through a large PA system. While the HotShot 48V is specifically designed for switching condenser microphone outputs, it works equally well with dynamic mics. Power can be provided by a 9V power supply (included), or via standard pedalboard multi-output PSUs.



  • Provides 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Redirects mic signal to communicate with band and tech
  • Footswitch can be configured as latching or momentary switch
  • Silent switching with no pops or clicks through the PA system


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