Radial HotShot ABi – Balanced Input Selector

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Radial HotShot ABi – Balanced Input Selector


The Hot Shot ABi is a balanced line selecting device that lets you toggle between two sources and send the signal to a single destination. It features 100% passive operation with latching footswitch and therefore does not require any type of powering whatsoever. To add versatility both inputs are equipped with a -15dB pad and input B features a secondary -6dB trim to balance the two sources.

A great application would be to allow a moderator to select between two microphones in a community hall setting for a question and answer session of public debate. Another could be to simply select between a paging microphone and a music track in a public address sys- tem. For stage use, a keyboard player or multi-instrumentalist could use the ABi to toggle between two microphones set up in different places while only using a single channel on the mixing console. And it can also be used as a microphone mute switch. The possibilities are open to the imagination!

Compact and plug-&-play easy to use, the Radial HotShot ABi is made from 14 gauge steel for durability and finished in a tough black enamel coat.



  • 100% passive – does not require power
  • Built-in pad for high output sources
  • Built-in trim to balance input levels
  • Durable 14 gauge steel construction
  • Heavy duty latching toggle switch


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Weight 0.8 kg