Radial J33 – Phono Preamp & DI

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Radial J33 – Phono Preamp & DI


The Radial J33 is a combination RIAA turntable preamp and active direct box that allows long-play vinyl albums (LP’s) to be played directly through a professional microphone preamp in a mixing console. The J33 is ideally suited for archiving, sampling, scratch performances and DJ mixing when the highest possible sound quality is required.

The Radial J33 is designed for magnetic cartridges and features a stereo pair of RCA inputs and a choice of RCA, 3.5mm and 1⁄4” TRS stereo line-level outputs (-10dB, hi-Z) as well as balanced stereo XLR outputs (mic-level, 600Ω). This arrangement makes the J33 incredibly flexible. It can feed a hi-Z input such as a DJ system, and a low-Z input such as a pro-mixing console at the same time. It can be used solely as an RIAA preamp with hi-fi equipment or as an RIAA preamp and direct box combo.

The J33 may be powered with 48V phantom when used with mixing consoles, or with the included power supply when phantom is not available. The J33 is housed in a heavy-duty welded I-beam inner enclosure that makes it impossible to torque the PC board. The outer shell features a book-end design that protects the connectors and switches. Lasts a lifetime and sounds great.



  • RIAA EQ curve for proper playback response
  • RCA, 3.5mm, TRS and XLR output options
  • Rumble filter stops low-frequency feedback
  • Powered by 48V phantom or external supply


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