Radial J+4 – Stereo Line Driver

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Radial J+4 – Stereo Line Driver


The Radial J+4 is a compact stereo interface designed to accept low-output unbalanced devices such as musical instruments, computers or CD players and boost the signal to a balanced +4dB level for easy manipulation in professional environments such as broadcast, recording studios and live touring. It features dual 1/4”, RCA and stereo 3.5mm inputs with XLR outs.

A front panel level control lets you increase the gain up to +17dB. Both outputs are transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops making it ideal for fast paced environments where time for trouble shooting is often limited. Housed in a 14 gauge I-beam enclosure, problems such as cold solder joints developing due to stress are eliminated. A unique book-end design creates protective zones around the switches and knob keeping them out of harm’s way.

The Radial J+4 balanced line driver delivers exceptional sonic performance, plenty of headroom and ultra-low noise making it the ideal companion in today’s more demanding professional audio systems. The J+4 is powered via the included 15VDC supply.



  • 17dB of gain to being signals up to pro levels
  • Easy access level control for quick adjustments
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops
  • Compact design for easy manipulation and deployment


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