Radial JCR – Studio Reamper

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Radial JCR – Studio Reamper


The Reamp JCR is the ‘next generation’ Reamper that precisely follows the original design by inventor John Cuniberti and used on countless recording by artists as diverse as Joe Satriani, U2, the Rolling Stones, Van Halen and many others. The design begins with a balance line level input that feeds Cuniberti’s original ‘made in the USA’ custom wound transformer and circuit that together act as the audio engine while converting the signal to a hi-Z output for the guitar amp or pedals .

A fully variable level control allows precise signal level matching. A 3-position filter switch adds extra flexibility by either taming extra bright amps, eliminating excessive low frequency reso- nance are simply bypassed to produce the original Reamp tone. A mute switch lets you turn off the signal locally without altering level controls. This comes in handy when conversing with other techs or answering a cell phone!



  • 100% passive design, does not require local power
  • Variable level control to match signals
  • Transformer isolation to eliminate ground loops
  • Handy filter to tame excessive highs or reduce lows


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