Radial Mix 2:1 – Two Channel Summing Mixer

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Radial Mix 2:1 – Two Channel Summing Mixer


The MIX 2:1TM is a passive device that sums two inputs to a single mono output, making it useful for a wide range of applications. Inputs are accessed via 1⁄4” TRS jacks or XLR connectors, with a single XLR output. Each input is equipped with a ground lift switch to eliminate buzz and hum from ground loops, and input-2 also features a 180° polarity reverse switch to help solve issues with frequency cancellation should the inputs be out of phase.

Individual level controls are provided to adjust the balance between the inputs, or a level bypass switch can be engaged to simply sum the inputs together equally. The MIX2:1 is compatible with both mic and line-level signals, so you can use it to sum the outputs of a console or two passive microphones into a single preamp.



  • 1⁄4” TRS and XLR inputs
  • Mono XLR output
  • Individual input level controls
  • Completely passive, no need for power


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