Radial SAT-2 – Stereo Signal Attenuator

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Radial SAT-2 – Stereo Signal Attenuator


The SAT-2TM provides transparent attenuation to any stereo audio signal, including the outputs of a pair of hot mic preamps or a recording interface. Both 1⁄4” TRS and XLR inputs are provided with a large master level control knob and mute switch. Passive with no need for power, you can insert the SAT-2 between a recording interface and a pair of powered speakers for use as a compact studio monitor controller.

A dim switch with a dedicated recessed level control allows you to temporarily reduce the output levels without affecting the setting on the master level knob, and a mono switch provides you with the ability to check your mixes for phase coherency. High quality components and exceptional build quality ensure the SAT-2 operates noiselessly, without any signal degradation or coloration.



  • 1⁄4” TRS and XLR inputs
  • Stereo XLR outputs
  • Master level control
  • Completely passive, no need for power


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