SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC EVlink Wallbox – 22 kW – T2 Attached Cable – Charging Station

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SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC EVlink Wallbox – 22 kW – T2 Attached Cable – Charging Station


As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric plays a major role in the adoption of electric vehicles among the general public, For more than five years, the group has been working with the leaders of the car industry to offer environmentally friendly and easy-to-use charging solutions that keep your electric vehicle ready to go.



  • Easy, fast and robust, as charging stations should be
  • Weather and shock resistance suitable for an outdoor use


Up to 10 times faster*

Depending on your electric vehicle and your EVlink Wallbox charging power, you can charge up to 10 times faster than a domestic socket outlet.

*Based on 22kW version With a 7.4kW rating, you can charge up to 3 times faster.

Average charging time for a typical electric passenger car to obtain a range of 40km –

Wallbox at 22kW: 20 minutes

Wallbox at 7.4kW: 1 hour

Domestic socket outlet: +3 hours


Simply plug in and charge!

When the light on the front of your wallbox starts blinking, you know your charge has started.


Optimum user protection

Powered by a dedicated branch circuit in your electrical switchboard that has been checked by a qualified electrician, EVlink Wallbox can operate with enhanced reliability and without disrupting the rest of your electrical system.

Unlike domestic socket outlets, EVlink Wallbox is designed to deliver a high charging current for long periods of use on a daily basis.

EVlink Wallbox complies with full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle charging standards.


Save money, stay comfortable

Decide to charge only during off-peak hours to reduce your electricity bill or adjust charging power when too many appliances are running at the same time in your home.


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