Tele-Q Stage Prop Telephone Ringing Device RVG

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Tele-Q Stage Prop Telephone Ringing Device RVG



Tele-Q is an electronic system designed to operate prop telephones for stage and screen.

The system is hard-wired: telephones are connected directly to Tele-Q using standard modular connectors.

Tele-Q will operate any single-line telephone that works on a standard phone line—and some that don’t.

It will operate telephones through thousands of feet of wire, so the system can be set up to control phones from practically anywhere.

Tele-Q operates on two 9-volt batteries (included) or optional AC Adapter.


The Ringing Voltage Generator (RVG) measures roughly
3″ x 5″ x 1 3/4″. It is totally self-contained and generates ringing voltage when the button is pressed. Ringing stops when the button is released or the phone is picked up (answered). This means that the operator determines the ringing pattern (series of rings and silence), but cannot, intentionally or unintentionally, ring the phone once the receiver is picked up.

There is a frequency control that determines how fast the bell clapper strikes the bells. The current standard is 20 Hz; however, this adjustment can be used to operate older or foreign phones designed to ring at different frequencies. The frequency control can also be used to optimize the bell’s sound or change its character. For example, a higher frequency can make a standard telephone sound British. The frequency control does not change the sound of electronic ringers.

All connections (except AC Adapter) are made through a single 6-6 modular jack (RJ-11) on the front of the unit. Standard telephones are fitted with a 6-4 modular plug, which will mate with the 6-6 jack. By using a 6-6 modular plug, you have access to the unit’s primary power and remote control lines. This feature offers a number of control options such as automated cueing or wireless control.

Battery life is good enough to get most productions from tech through the final performance. In any event, Tele-Q will let you know when batteries are getting low. Power from the optional AC Adapter is applied through an electronic switch that always chooses the best power source. This means that if AC power fails, the unit automatically switches to battery operation, offering you a back-up source of power.


Tele-Q offers a remote control line which permits a number of interface possibilities, including the remote control of several telephones. When using this line be sure to heed the warning on your Tele-Q Block Diagram.

For each telephone you want to control you will need a momentary single pole single throw (SPST) pushbutton switch and a diode. The diode must have a peak inverse voltage rating (PIV) of 300 volts or greater, such as the 1N4004. You can control as many phones as youwish; however, Tele-Q is designed to ring up to five phones at once, so you should push no more than five buttons at one time.



Pin2: Tele-Q Common
Pin5: Remote Control Line (Pin 3 when pads 3 and C are jumpered)
Pin1: Ringing voltage pin
S1, S2, and S3: SPST switches
D1, D2, and D3: Diodes
Tel1, Tel2, and Tel3: Telephones corresponding to S1, S2and S3

Normally, access to the remote control line requires a 6×6 modular plug with a six conductor cable loaded into it. Since these plugs are not as easy to find as the more common 6-4 plug with a four conductor cable, you can modify Tele-Q to be remotely controlled through a four conductor cable. To do this, solder a jumper wire between pads three (3) and C (next to the AC Adapter Jack on the circuit board) and the remote control line will be on pin 3 as well as pin 5.

Modular connectors can be installed in two ways, so there is no standard wire color associated with the pins. It is therefore recommended that after the Tele-Q cable is prepared an ohmmeter be used to identify wires against the pin numbers printed on the Tele-Q circuit board. This should be done with at least one battery removed. Telephones themselves are always connected to the center pair (red & green) and can be connected in either direction.

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