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Trackmotors By Triple E

New Zealands Sole Distributor of the Industrys Best Track Systems By Triple E


Triple E track systems and custom designed equipment for use in the entertainment industry have a reputation for simple design, rugged construction and ease of installation.


Triple E was founded in 1984 and specialises in developing and manufacturing equipment and products for the entertainment industry.

Our first product the ‘Loose Pin Hinge’, used by many for scenery construction, won Triple E its first ABTT Product of the Year award in 1984. Since that time we have won 3 more ABTT awards as well as awards in Germany and the USA for our tracking systems.

Curtain and Scenery track systems are their core business and have earned a worldwide reputation for their quality and reliability.

Unitrack was our first system and is still our most specified product, you will find it wherever a system is needed for touring, rental, being moved on a regular basis or transformed from one effect to another.

There are now eight systems in our repertoire from the lightweight 2Way to the duplex chain driven Unibeam and Chainbeam tracks.

Showtechnix offer all Triple E systems, and custom and non standard layouts and effects

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The TRACDRIVE motorised system should be your first choice for operating a motorised track system as it offers so many advantages over more conventional systems with helically grooved winding drums. The off-the-shelf TRACDRIVE motor unit will power any length of track using polyester cord instead of steel wire rope making TRACDRIVE a silent system.

The TRACDRIVE motor system has also been designed to be a bolt-on extra and demonstrates Triple E’s attention to providing an answer to the problem of where to locate the track motor drive unit, on the track itself.

The TRACDRIVE motor unit, once bolted onto the end of the track and reeved with the operating cord, will operate with scenery or curtains including the rearfold system.

The TRACDRIVE unit will provide variable speed from crawl speed to 1.5m/s; the slim design of the unit makes it ideal where space is at a premium and specialist skills are not required for installation.



The TRACDRIVE motor is a three phase 0.4kW 100 Hz inverter optimised motor. This means that the motor can be wired in Star 415 volts ac or Delta 240 volts ac but it has to be driven via an inverter with its maximum output frequency set at 100 Hz and its V/F set at 100 Hz.

NOTE: This motor cannot be run direct on line.

NOTE: This motor is not continuous rated.

The TRACDRIVE system as delivered will accept all the connections for the motor and control (thermal trip & limits) circuits. The method of termination to the junction box can be hard wired via cable glands or the use of connectors depending on customer requirements. We can also incorporate an isolator on the junction box to allow safe isolation for maintenance of the whole track system.


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