Rapstrap Reusable Cable Ties Pack of 48

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Rapstrap Reusable Cable Ties


48 Pieces in a pack White or UV Stable Black

Reusable Cable ties…

10mm wide 300mm long 1.25mm thick

2.9g each


  • Soft and flexible design
  • Controllable tension – pull to required grip
  • Gives up to 5 ties per strip
  • Can be released and reused if required
  • Can be double-looped for use on plants & canes
  • Reinforced rear cells
  • Supplied in tear-off sheets of 6


The rapstrap is suitable for most everyday jobs. They serve as a suitable replacement for conventional cable ties in most applications, where the 300mm length allows several uses (on average providing up to five ties per rapstrap), thereby dramatically reducing waste.