As Australia’s leading online supplier of Event & Theatre equipment, we’re different and here’s why…

We love being ‘ONE COMPLETE SOURCE’ for our industry, providing everything you need from consumables to a complete Theatre installation.

With our team of experienced industry professionals and our wide range of world leading brands, you can be sure we’ll help you get the right products for you.

We source the latest and best products from around the globe to ensure you get the best solution for your budget and needs, at Australia’s Best Prices!

We only sell products that are fully NZ/AS compliant… and not all other suppliers can say that!

We value our relationships with our clients above all, and will be happy to help you in any way we can, including free advice, consultancy, installation, servicing and sourcing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Showtechnix Team

Featured Products

  • The Lightbear Slide Clamp Adaptor Base Only

    $11.51 + GST
  • The Lightbear Slide Clamp Adaptor Insert Only

    $7.67 + GST
  • DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool

    $622.28 + GST
  • MagicFX SPARXTAR ®

    $3,476.97 + GST
  • Neutrik DMX Terminators

    $10.25$19.76 + GST
  • Doughty T58410 Fifty Clamp

    $32.35 + GST

On Sale – Be Quick!

  • Sale!

    NEW GE LED Bright STIK Globe Range 10w Cool or Warm White

    $6.18 $6.00 + GST
  • Sale!

    Rapstrap Reusable Cable Ties Pack of 48

    $7.15 $4.00$7.15 + GST
  • Sale!

    Velcro Cable Ties 20mm x 200mm Roll of 100 One Wrap

    $93.40 $84.10 + GST
  • Sale!

    Velcro Cable Ties 20mm x 300mm Roll of 75 One Wrap

    $105.02 $94.56 + GST

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