Meet The Team!

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Martin McNally


Martin’s encyclopaedic knowledge of products and technical issues means that if you have a problem, he probably has a solution for you.

With a uniquely broad insight across the industry, and extensive international experience in Theatre, Touring, Event Production and as an Electrical Inspector, Martin can help you with advice on all aspects of your technical operations.

Rarely seen without a phone to his ear or tool in his hand, Martin now leads the SHOWTECHNIX team with a boundless drive to help our clients get the best solutions for their needs.

Astra Barton


With an international business management and development background, Astra later worked in Business Advisor consultancy, with a passionate belief that businesses should focus on truly appreciating and helping clients, above all else.

Astra is our ideas and strategy person, responsible for our brand direction, client care systems and marketing.
Ply her with good coffee and chocolate for best results.

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Tom Wells


Tom Wells leverages his Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Strategic Management to oversee the smooth operation of our warehouse and distribution processes.

With a meticulous attention to detail, Tom ensures the timely fulfillment of daily orders and dispatches to clients. His expertise extends to the backend systems of NZ Post and Mainfreight logistics, guaranteeing that our clients receive the best handling and delivery of their orders.

Driven by a commitment to efficiency and excellence, Tom plays a crucial role in optimizing our logistics operations, ensuring that products reach our clients promptly and securely.

Keegan Millar


As the Sales & Marketing Manager, Keegan Millar brings extensive product knowledge and practical experience to the table. With a background in touring musical theatre globally and serving as an AV technician in New Zealand, Keegan understands client needs and industry standards intimately.

Keegan specializes in assisting clients with selecting the right audiovisual equipment, focusing on broadcast deployment, vision, and audio.

Driven by a solutions-focused mindset, Keegan is committed to delivering the best outcomes for clients, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed.

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Cheryl Cook


As the friendly voice of Showtechnix, Cheryl serves as our dedicated administrator, ensuring that every caller receives a warm welcome and attentive assistance. With a background in running a successful heavy transport engineering company alongside her husband in Auckland, Cheryl brings a wealth of organizational expertise to her role.

Having made the move to the serene Bay of Plenty to enjoy the weather and pace of life, Cheryl’s meticulous nature shines through in her work. She approaches every task with precision and care, ensuring that all administrative work is completed to the highest standard.

Cheryl’s commitment to excellence and her friendly demeanor make her an invaluable asset to the Showtechnix team, providing seamless support to both clients and colleagues alike.

Bob Mannix


With a wealth of experience that only maturity can bring, Bob is an invaluable member of our manufacturing team at Showtechnix. Sporting silver hair as a badge of his extensive expertise, Bob’s journey includes a storied career with IBM during the heyday of the computer industry.

Bob’s background in engineering, logistics, and technical skills has taken him around the globe, enriching him with a diverse range of experiences. His versatility and seasoned approach make him an asset in our manufacturing processes, where he lends his expertise to ensure top-quality results.

Bringing excellence honed over decades of professional endeavors, Bob’s contributions are instrumental in upholding the high standards we strive for at Showtechnix.

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