Our experienced and qualified team can help you with one aspect of your project, or provide a complete end-to-end service from concept to realisation…
including Technical Specification and Design, Supply of all your equipment needs, Custom Power Manufacturing, Installation and Service/Repair.

We are also a leading specialist in complete LED Theatre installations, and were the first to provide an entirely LED full Concert platform in New Zealand.

We can liase with you and your architects right through planning and building so that you can avoid complications and keep life simple!


Our Technical Specification & Design service is uniquely unbiased as we can supply so many of the World’s Best Brands, and will prepare a design specifying what is genuinely the best equipment available for your needs, whether or not you can buy it from us.

Your design will be specific to your requirements, not a ‘cookie-cutter’ solution, and will be fully complete with custom manufacturer’s specifications for your application as appropriate.

Because we continually source around the globe to bring our industry the World’s Best Products at Australia’s Best Prices and we only sell products that comply with AS/NZ Standards that we trust to do a professional job, you can be sure that your specification is as future proof as possible using the most suitable, best value and latest products available.

It is never too early to start talking to us about your specification… we see the result of compromised systems when building plans are finalised before a Theatre specialist has consulted.

We’ve worked to resolve client issues with beautiful performance spaces, but with problems such as no access to backstage, no way to meet disability or Health & Safety requirements, and even nowhere to rig any sound or lighting!

Problems are so easy to avoid when we can ensure your architects have a full understanding of what is required for your performance space to function optimally from the start.


We manufacture high quality custom power solutions for your exact needs. Using in house or LK components we can build to your specific requirements.

Distros, Patch Panels, Stage Boxes, Cables, Hybrid Cables & more…

Our experienced team offer great advice on design and functionality, and will talk over your requirements with you carefully to ensure you get exactly what you need.