Edge Safe Stage Safety Edge

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Edge Safe
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Edge Safe Stage Safety Edge




Innovation in Stage Edge Safety reduces the risk of accidents

A physical barrier that will stop rolling equipment from falling

Easily seen in all lighting conditions

Reflective strip that can be seen when dazzled

Photo Luminescent strip visible in darkness or moving from light to darker

A physical guide should you step backwards towards the edge

Undetectable by audiences so will not distract or impede viewing

Suitable for touring/hire use for permanent and temporary staging

Durable one-off investment that requires no maintenance

Affordable Solution to reducing your Risk & Liability


Flight Case Solutions Also Available


New Zealand Information Sheet 

Australia Information Sheet

UK Information and Data Sheet


Falls from stages are an industry hazard, and we’ve all heard the horror stories.

Where else would you find a sheer drop in a workplace without barriers or signs?

Sure, its best practice to apply a white line to the front edge, but what good is that if you are dazzled or in the dark? And it certainly doesn’t stop equipment rolling off onto someone!

Edge-Safe significantly reduces the risk of falls and prevents equipment rolling off, so it improves the safety of working on and off the stage, and means you can be sure you have taken the best steps possible to reduce the risk to the people you are responsible for.

Do your Risk Assessment NOW… Edge Safe will be your solution!


Technical Specification

Materials – Durable Synthetic Rubber (Black BS4255 Class C1), classified as non-hazardous with aluminium based Visible Strips as described below:

Visible Strips

Reflective / Photo Luminescent – alternating 25 cm sections

Reflective sections illuminate the stage edge from reflected overhead lighting

Photo Luminescent sections absorb light energy from overhead lighting and provide discreet and effective illumination during dark scenes.

Construction – Visible strips are constructed from aluminium, layered with Reflective or Non-Reflective materials and finished with a “Scuff Resistant” coating which protects the strips and provides for easy cleaning.

Fixings Recommended:

Visible Strips – Screws – Pan head crosshead 4mm x 40mm

Stage Fixing – Screws – Pan head crosshead 4mm x 40mm together with M6 Washers.

Edge-Safe can be effective without stage fixing but stage fixing is recommended.


Standard Width 1m

Maximum height 5cm

Depth 20cm

Weight – Approx 8kg – easily portable as 1 or 2 sections.


UK: GB 2448742

USA: US 7,625,096 B2         


UK Designer and Manufacturers Website www.edge-safe.co.uk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 100 cm