Eurocable Ethernet Cat5e Patch Cable CVS LK CAT5E SF P

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Eurocable Ethernet Cat5e Patch Cable CVS LK CAT5E SF P


Eurocable CAT 5e cables are specifically created for mobile applications.

Their extremely flexible and robust jacket guarantees reliable performance in critical conditions.
Link’s testing criteria exceeds all established nominal standards and can be examined in further detail below.

CAT 5e cables undergo EIA/TIA 568B.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 certification tests in which the complete range of relevant frequencies are analyzed.

The test ensures that each value, at every frequency up to 100 MHz, is compliant with the standard at the specified length.
The eurocable CAT 5e range includes both standard and patch cables.

The standard cable, made with solid bar, is designed for transmitting high bandwidth signals over long distances
(typically 300 ft or 90 m as per the published standard).

The patch cables are more flexible and generally used in Ethernet applications for shorter runs (upto 15 ft or 5 m), even though eurocable
patch cables pass the ISO/IEC and EIA/TIA certification test up to 165 ft or 50 m.

Please note that some digital audio protocols may permit longer distances than the Ethernet standard allows and can be tested for specific
manufacturer applications (*).



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