Eurocable RF 50 Ohm Antenna Cable

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Eurocable RF 50 Ohm Antenna Cable


The RG-8 type RF coaxial video cables are designed for 50 Ohm radiofrequency transmission over long distances. They are made with a stranded copper conductor, gas-injected foam HDPE insulation, copper and polyester foil, red copper braid shield and a tough flame retardant non-corrosive PVC jacket.

Made with Eurocable RG8 50 Ohm CVS LKRG8 Cable ( 5 – 20m ) or Eurocable RG58 Cable ( 1m & 3m )

50 Ohm BNC Connectors



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Weight .5 kg

10m, 15m, 1m, 20m, 3m, 5m