Firefly Festoon Bulbs ES E27 Holders 24V

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Firefly Festoon Bulb 24V Warm White and Colored



Options are:

0.5w Warm White Filament Look

1.0w Warm White Filament Look

1.5w Red

1.5w Blue

1.5w Green

1.5w Orange

1.5w Pink

1.5w Cool White Frosted

1.5w Warm White Frosted


Firefly’s Festoon Lighting can be used both inside and outdoors for either temporary or permanent installations, they are the perfect addition to any event or venue.

The LED waterproof bulbs require 1/10 the power of traditional festoon bulbs yet still provide that classic festoon look, without all of the headaches.

They are a versatile, cost effective, safe, reliable and the perfect choice for pubs, clubs, restaurants, city streets, city malls, Christmas lighting, festivals, signage, bridges, boats, casinos, beer gardens, amusement parks, hotels, weddings, parties, marquees and any outdoor entertaining area!




Festoon just got smart and easy!


Contact us for more information and advice on how to make your event look stunning [email protected]



Designed in Australia with love by lighting designer Heath Williamson, Firefly Festoon lighting faithfully recreates a traditional look without the headache of constantly changing bulbs or the need to worry about broken glass or risk using high voltage.

This will keep your workplace health & safety and insurance happy!
The Firefly LED Festoon light system runs off a safe 24volt AC or DC transformer using non-breakable bulbs that are inexpensive to run and virtually maintenance free.
Heath not only wants the lights to look like fantastic traditional bulbs, but also wants them to be a wonderful practical light source.


The warm white colour temperature produced makes food look delicious and Heath personally checks each batch of LED’s before production ensuring both consistent and accurate colours.
The Firefly Festoon lighting system has a proven track record in the extreme conditions of Australia with its relentless sun, wild storms and even wilder music festivals.
Our festoons have been lighting up our famous beaches, top restaurants, night clubs, funky signage, bars, theme parks, TV sets and shopping malls.

Even the Australian Navy use our lights to decorate their war ships.

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Lamp Colour

0.5w Warm White Filament Look, 1.0w Warm White Filament Look, 1.5w Red, 1.5w Blue, 1.5w Green, 1.5w Yellow, 1.5w Orange, 1.5w Pink, 1.5w Cool White Frosted, 1.5w Warm White Frosted