LK Tool Kit

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LK Connectors
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LK Tool Kit


The crimp contact option for the LKA, LKS and LKH range of connectors, allows large assembly time savings, and gives a perfect, reliable and durable connection with the use of LK CRIMP or LK CRIMP PN with Turret tools (LK TR).

Every pin size has its own positioner (LK PS..), to be mounted on the universal turret LK TR. The mounting position is selected following the female or male contact type.

  • LK PS LKS – Positioner for LKS pins
  • LK PS 12 – Positioner for pins size 12 LKH
  • LK PS 16 – Positioner for pins size 16 LKA 13-85
  • LK PS 18 – Positioner for pins size 18 LK 150
  • LK PS 20 – Positioner for pins size 20 LK 200

The insertion of contacts is made by the inserter LK INS (12, 16, 18 or 20 fol- lowing the contact size). For easier con- tact insertion use an alcohol lubricant.

  • LK INS12 Inserter for pin size 12 (LKS-LKH)
  • LK INS16 Inserter for pin size 16 (LK 13-85 poles)
  • LK INS18 Inserter for pin size 18-20 (LK 150-200 poles)
  • LK INS/CAT Inserter for Gigabit contacts

The turret, fitted on the LK CRIMP, allows the positioner’s assembly.

Female contacts may be inserted with the aid of the plug LK SP (12, 12 LKS, 16, 18 or 20).

  • LK SP LKS – Drive pin for LKS
  • LK SP 12 – Drive pin size 12 for LKH
  • LK SP 16 – Drive pin size 16 for LKA 13-85
  • LK SP 18 – Drive pin size 18 for LK 150
  • LK SP 20 – Drive pin size 20 for LK 200
  • LK SPCATM – Male drive pin for Gigabit contacts
  • LK SPCATF – Female drive pin for Gigabit contacts

To extract the contacts the use of LK EX MNUNIV ejector is required; it contains the metal points suitable for the different sizes (LK EX..), both for female and male contacts.

The handle on which the ejector points are screwed on. This unit also contains them internally by opening the rear lid.

The main contacts used in the LK range can be contained inside the LK EX MNUNIV and must be screwed into the front part of the Handle.

  • LK EX12F – Female size 12 LKS
  • LK EX12F R – Female size 12 LKH and Speaker Connectors
  • LK EX12M – Male size 12 LKS
  • LK EX12M R – Male size 12 LKH and Speaker Connectors
  • LK EX16F – Female size 16 for connector LK
  • LK EX 16M – Male size 16 for connector LK
  • LK EX18F – Female size 18 for connector LK
  • LK EX20F – Male size 18 for connector LK
  • LK EX20M – Female size 20 for connector LK
  • LK EX/CAT M – Male for Gigabit contacts
  • LK EX/CAT F – Female for Gigabit contacts


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