Milos Short Truss Section M290 QTB250|0.25m

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Milos Short Truss Section M290 QTB250|0.25m


  • M290B quatro 0,205m length truss
  • Shear load capacity equivalent to regular truss
  • Can be placed anywhere within your truss structurewithout reducing capacity
  • Simplifes your planning process
  • Eliminates the risk of errors during assembly
  • QTF – Brace: 16 × 2 mm
  • QTU, QTUU Brace : 20 × 2 mm



The M290 comes in three connection system versions – B, F, and U – for connection with MILOS truss, as well as with other popular truss connection systems found on the market*.


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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 25 cm