ONE FOR ALL UE-WM 6242 Turn TV Wall Mount

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One For All
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ONE FOR ALL UE-WM 6242 Turn TV Wall Mount



Experience the unobtrusive design, smart engineering and high quality of the Ultra Slim Line made with durable materials.

  • Suitable for all types of TVs from 13 to 43″
  • Max. Wall distance of 256 mm & Swivel feature 90°
  • Easy Lock and Release feature
  • Mounting materials included

45 mm Wall distance
Mount your TV flat to the wall. Only 45 mm wall distance, like your TV is a part of the wall itself.

Unobtrusive design
With this One For All Ultra Slim bracket you are able to tilt your TV while maintaining a clean and modern look in your living room. This Ultra Slim TV bracket allows fixed wall-to-TV distance of only 45 mm.

Cable management
Keep an uncluttered look!

Cable management is integrated in this Ultra Slim TV wall mount, ensuring tidy organisation of your cables.

Auto lock & Easy release
No extra pair of hands needed. Click your TV easily into the mount with the integrated lock and release mechanism. Should you have to remove your TV from the wall, just unlock and release.

Anti-scratch padding
The arms that your TV is attached to feature soft padding to protect the TV while connected.




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