Osram LOK-IT 1200 W 80 V/32/P50 TW1

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Osram LOK-IT 1200 W 80 V/32/P50 TW1

Good for TW1 amongst others

Optimum use of the generated light in the spotlight


Safety advice
To prevent personal injury or damage to property, halogen lamps may only be operated in suitable luminaires designed with suitable mechanisms (cover panel etc.) to ensure that in the event of a lamp bursting no parts/shards can escape and that during operation no ultraviolet radiation can escape. Because of the heat produced only heat-resistant lamp connections (holders) may be used. Do not operate near people, or any materials that are flammable, sensitive to heat or affected by drying out. Detailed information is available on request.


  • 82.0 Volt
  • 1200 Watts
  • Color temperature 3200 K
  • Lifespan 250 h
  • Quantity Per Case: 1





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Weight .3 kg