Radial IceCube – Line Isolator

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Radial IceCube – Line Isolator


The Radial IceCubeTM is a balanced line isolator that is used to eliminate hum and buzz caused by so-called ground loops and stray DC current. Normally placed at the input or receive end of an audio connection, the IceCubes’ high performance audio transformer inserts a galvanic bridge that disconnects the input from the output to block stray currents that cause noise in audio systems.

The IceCube features an all-steel enclosure for extra durability as it protects against external electro-magnetic fields, ultra-though glass-filled nylon XLR connectors at each end and a set & forget ground lift switch. Inside, a custom made Eclipse transformer is flat from 20Hz to 30kHz and able to withstand signal levels to +15dB without choking. This makes the IceCube a terrific choice for music playback and voice for AV professionals, concert systems, and general purpose noise elimination in balanced audio.



  • Eclipse transformer for ruler flat response
  • Able to handle signal levels to +15dB
  • Steel enclosure protects against magnetic fields
  • Locking XLR will not accidentally disconnect


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Weight 0.8 kg