Triple E Unijack Movement Brake

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Triple E
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Triple E Unijack Movement Brake

The foot operated UniJack is a premium solution for controlled movement of heavy scenery. Able to move loads up to 200 kg and braking up to 275 kg per castor the UniJack range can be used to smoothly manoeuvre scenery trucks, work benches, machinery and more both on- and off-stage.


There are 3 standard units in the UniJack range – the UJA4101, UJA4201 & UJA4301.

The UJA4101 is fitted with a 2″ (50 mm) twin wheel castor and is suitable for most applications. Ground clearance is 24 mm as standard and this can be reduced for lightweight items. WLL 160 kg.

The UJA4201 is fitted with an 3” (80 mm) single wheel castor. Using the same mechanism as the UJA4101 but in a larger body, the UJA4201 has a standard ground clearance of 24 mm and a WLL of 150 kg.

The UJA4301 is a UJA4101 with a rubber brake foot added and a sturdier castor, designed to hold a stage truck in position. The rubber brake foot (UJA4301-P01) can be purchased separately and retro-fitted to a UJA4101 if required. WLL 275 kg.

All UniJacks™ can be fitted with a keyplate (UJA4601) and lift off studs (UJA4501) fitted to scenery allowing multiple items to be moved with the same set of UniJacks™.

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