LK Male 19 Pin Socapex Panel Plug Crimp / Solder

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LK Male 19 Pin Socapex Panel Plug Crimp / Solder



The LKS connectors’ range has been specifically designed for professional lighting applications.

Even maintaining full compatibility with Socapex SL 419 series, LKS connectors represent a real breakthrough in terms of reliability and safety.

Featuring moulded contacts, they accept from 1.5 to 4 sqmm wires.

The neoprene insert guarantees greater reliability as well as the possibility to insert and eject contacts for crimping and maintenance.

Also available with rubber locking ring and in hardened anodised finish that guarantee high scratch resistance.

The backshell design allow adequate working room for crimping operations. LKS is provided with IP 67 watertight cable clamp.



Crimp or Solder

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