Altair ER-200 Standalone Cue-Light Receiver

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Altair ER-200 Standalone Cue-Light Receiver



ER-200 Standalone cue-light receiver: 

The new ER-200 is a handy device, perfect for applications requiring accurate coordination between professionals.

This standalone cue light receiver must be connected to an EC-200 master panel, directly or connected to a series of cue light receivers. All the cue light system wil be powered trough the signal cable, from any ALTAIR base station or from a PS-200 power supply.

Responding to the different orders activated from the master panel (EC-200), the ER-200 will display three different states: “Stand-by” (red), “Ready” (blinking red) and “Go” (green), returning to the initial state once the channel is reset from the master panel using the “CLEAR” button.

Thanks to this new line of products, compatible with both E-200 and WB-200 Series, ALTAIR users will be able to send simple visual indications to several users at the same time, easing the workflow in a wide variety of environments (theatre, movies production, sports, etc.). Furthermore, the installation of this system is extremely easy, as the electricity necessary to power it travels in the same signal cable.







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