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LSC Lighting
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Robust Dimming for Film and Television

The number one dimmer used throughout the film and TV lighting industry in Europe and Australia and has been showcased in hundreds of films and TV broadcasts worldwide. The FILMPRO has forged an enviable reputation for reliability and ease of control.



A key element in the design of the FILMPRO is its ease of use and quick set-up. Time is money and the Keep It Simple Stupid principle prevails. The user interface is a simple three-button control panel with up and down buttons and a select button with a front panel screened quick-user guide to the important features. So simple – even for the less-experienced operators.



Four distinct curves are user-selectable to adjust the dimmer output to match different types of luminaire performance. This is important to balance light output across a mixture of lamp styles and lamp ageing. S-Law, Square-Law, Cube-Law and Quad-Law are available and can be selected per output channel, making the FILMPRO extremely useful in these situations.


Fan control

The on-board circuitry detects the internal temperature of the dimmer and adjusts the speed of the cooling fan accordingly. However, under certain conditions it is essential to stabilise the fan noise output during filming, so a clever feature of the FILMPRO is a constant fan speed setting, that can be accounted for by audio technicians.



The heavy workloads for equipment in this industry, plus the need for robust plug-and-forget black boxes are essential in delivering reliable, fault-free performance where any equipment failure downtime would be financially catastrophic. The FILMPRO has proven its worth many times over and is the obvious choice of production companies for use on their next shoot.



  • DMX512 (1990) or DMX512-A (E1-11) via self-terminating, front-panel 5-pin XLR in and thru connectors
  • Four dimmer curves selectable per channel
  • User-selectable minimum (bottom set) level per channel to allow preheating of lamps
  • User-selectable maximum (top set) level per channel to reduce output and increase lamp life
  • Indicators for DMX present, power present, output channel mimics and menu function status



  • Emergency backup scene in case of input signal loss
  • Current Control Technology utilised on all circuits to prevent nuisance tripping of circuit breakers due to large inrush currents
  • 6 x 10A MCB with inbuilt 30mA RCD (RCBO) per channel
  • 3 x 25A MCB with inbuilt 30mA RCD (RCBO) per channel
  • 1 x dual pole 63A MCB plus 1 x 63A 30mA RCD



  • 6 x 10A
    • 6 dimmer circuits x 10A via front panel mounted 16A 3-pin CEE style connectors
    • 6 dimmer circuits concurrently available via a front panel mounted 19-pin black Socapex output connector
    • 6 non-dimmed circuits available via a front panel mounted 19-pin red Socapex connector
  • 3 x 25A
    • 3 dimmer circuits x 25A via front panel mounted 32A 3-pin CEE style connectors
    • 3 dimmer circuits concurrently available via a front panel mounted 32A 7-pin CEE style connector
  • 1 x 63A
    • 1 dimmer circuit x 63A via front panel mounted 63A 3-pin CEE style connector



  • 210-250V AC single-phase with fully rated neutral, 50-60Hz
  • Typical operating range 200-260V AC, 45-65Hz
  • Rear panel mounted 63A 3-pin CEE style inlet connector
  • Maximum ambient operating range 0-40°C



  • corrosion-resistant, powder-coated heavy-duty steel chassis and cover
  • 6 x 10A
    • 480mm (w) x 178mm (h) x 517mm (d)
    • weight: 21kg
  • 3 x 25A
    • 480mm (w) x 178mm (h) x 505mm (d)
    • weight: 20kg
  • 1 x 63A
    • 480mm (w) x 178mm (h) x 495mm (d)
    • weight: 20kg



  • CE (European) and RCM (Australian) approved
  • Two-year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by LSC – an Australian-owned company with over 40 years’ experience in developing world-first products


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