Radial AC-Driver – Compact Acoustic Preamp

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Radial AC-Driver – Compact Acoustic Preamp


The AC-Driver is a compact yet powerful preamp for acoustic instruments on stage. EQ and volume adjustments provide you with complete control over your tone, in a rugged steel chassis with heavy duty components that will withstand the harshest touring environments. A variable low cut filter removes excessive low frequencies, along with a notch filter and a 180° polarity reverse switch to help eliminate feedback. The notch filter features a three position switch that allows you to select between a normal or deep notch, or remove it from the signal path altogether.

A balanced XLR output feeds the PA system or a powered speaker, while a 1⁄4” output can be used to simultaneously connect to an amplifier. The AC-Driver also features an always-on 1⁄4” tuner output and a dedicated Mute footswitch, allowing for silent tuning on stage.



  • Studio quality preamp in a compact pedal
  • Notch and low cut filters for feedback control
  • Mute footswitch for silent tuning on stage


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