Radial Gold Digger – 4-Channel Mic Selector

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Radial Gold Digger – 4-Channel Mic Selector


The Gold Digger is a ‘solid wire’ passive mic selector that enables the studio engineer to compare the sound of four microphones using the same preamp. This allows the artist to ‘hear herself’ before they record in order to find the most suitable setup to suit her particular voice. Four ‘radio style’ selector switches ensure only one microphone is active at any one time. 48V phantom power is generated by the Gold Digger to ensure stable noise-free mic selection.

There are no buffering amplifiers in between the mic inputs and the output, thus ensuring the signal is 100% pure and completely free of any form of distortion or coloration. Optimizing the microphone to best suit the artist not only assures a better sounding track, the fact is: when the artist is more comfortable with the sound, this usually results in a better performance. This results in a smoother and more productive work flow.


  • Four selectable inputs with trim adjusts
  • Pure ‘straight wire’ passive signal path
  • Gold contact sealed relays do the switching • Internally generated 48V phantom power


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